Unrivalled business opportunities of the RPS technologies

The RPS Technologies are featured by small dimensions compared to those of other technologies. Equipment can be fabricated from heat and high pressure resistant materials like stainless steel and cost effective chemically resistant plastic materials. Implementation in new areas of separation and filtration provides unprecedented business opportunities.

Former Shell CEO Lord Ronald Oxburgh (left) and Romico Hold CEO Bert Brouwers visiting the full scale visually accessible laboratory RPS-demister. 

RPS Technologies are protected by patents granted in major countries and by in-house know-how. Owner of IP is Romico Hold AVV of Maastricht NL founded and managed by Bert Brouwers. Licensing companies operate on the basis of license and know-how agreements for specific areas.


















Subsidiary company Romico Engineering Solutions BV owned by Romico Hold and Erik van Kemenade delivers conceptual designs, testing and assistance during implementation. Staff members have deep and thorough scientific and technological knowledge of problems of fluid-flow, energy conversion and diffusion of matter.

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